English info

Web page www.adoptujzvieratko.sk is dedicated to all pet lovers. (in English the domain means "adopt an animal")

Please use this web page if you want to offer a pet for adoption, would like to adopt some, are looking for your own lost pet, or simply if you have found a pet and want to find him a good home.

Our main goal is to create a database of all kind of pets searching a new loving home. Also we would like to create an animal shelter list for whole Slovakia. This will increase pets’ chance to find a new loving home.

For all above mentioned we certainly will need your kind support and help. We believe you will actively use our web for posting new ads and that you will register and keep your data actual. (Please note our web pages are not supporting any kind of commercial advertisement and are strictly dedicatedly to animals in need.)

This way we would also like to offer a free presentation space to any animal shelter or animal rescue center. Our effort is to give a helping hand to shelters& associations which are too busy with daily pet care and operational existence and are lacking time or money to create their own webpage.

If you have any suggestion for improvement or would like to add a new function to our web page, please do not hesitate to contact us. Be sure we will take all your comments seriously.

Our biggest motivation for creating this project was lack of information on one place, especially a list of animals for adoption. Free animals searching a new home are simply lost between the breeder advertisements on commercial websites. Recently many animal shelters use Facebook pages for promotion. This is surely a good effort and can address masses but it is quite difficult to stay actual. We also have to remember how disturbing Facebook postings may be.

We would be pleased to help you adopt an animal from a shelter. Plenty of nice and lovely pets live in Slovak shelters and look forward to that day when you come to finally take them to a new home…